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My name is Dirkpitt01, I am a contributor for the group and have been asked by :iconxblondemomentsx: to write up a series of "Lessons" for this group. I hope that this helps you all and that this becomes something regular.

How to avoid "Writers Block"

Part One

First thing that I need to say is that I do not belive in Writers Block. I have gone through periods of lack of insparation, but that has never stopped me from writing. However, there are certain conditions that every writer needs to watchout for while writing to avoid this "Block". I know of at least four conditions that cause it. Editing at the same time as writing primary text, trying to do too much at the same time, trying to write a scene that goes against your characters personalities, and lack of knoledge. But for this journal I am only going to focus on the first two.

"Writing is like making bread, and Editing is the kneeding. If you love your story then you will pound on it until it is perfect."
First we will focus on Editing. Editing is an essential part of what writers do. It allows us to find the mistakes and errors in the story that allows our stories to become perfect. However, if yu try to edit at the same time that you are writing your story, then you can easily encunter the block. It is caused by your brain focusing too much on the editing process and not enough on the creativity portion that is needed during writing.
The solution to this condition is to slow down, focus on the story and not care that the spelling is horrid, or that your grammer would cause your high school english teacher to have sezures. These things can be edited out AFTER you are done with the first draft, that is why it is called a "rough draft", mistakes are a part of learning and in time you will get better at finding your mistakes at the same time you write them down and speed up your editing process.

"Focus on the task at hand, young Padawan." - Quaigon Jiin
The next item on the list is trying to do too much at the same time. Having several progects moving at the same time is exhilerating and fun. It allows you to rest your brain from the last progect and to move onto the next. One of my favorite pastimes is to create new worlds. However, when you have 50 progects moving at the same time, it boggs you down and you feel like you need to focus on all the progects at once. Don't do this, it will only slow you down to a crawl and create the illusion of Writers Block.
The solution to this particular probem is simple, but difficult at the same time. You need to look at all of your progects and order them acording to importance. Do you hav a main story that you are focusing on? Do I really need to write that short story?

I don't have the perfect solution for your situation, I only know what has worked for me in the past. Writers Block is only in your head, and if you stay focused then you can minimize it's effects.
So my loves I am sooo sorry I have not been very active here lately. Let me start with that, and the reasons why? Oh lets see cause there is a massive list

1.) My dog is sick and I've been having to baby the poor thing day and night. And fight the urge not to strangle him when he gets overly insane from his medicine.

2.) School is a nightmare what with all the projects and lovely stuff I have to complete -__-

And two reasons that are actually okay

3.) is that me and a very good friend have been working since January on the rough draft of a book that is slow in the making but semi time consuming (Don't worry I'll keep you posted on it's progress and hopes for publication if you so wish to know)

and 4.) is that I am an insane person who is currently writing a childrens book. The writing is overly easy for me since I've had hella tons of practice, but my darlings the part that is killing me is that I am illustrating it as well! How perfect right? No. The amount of scrapped drawings on my walls and desk and computer are slightly intimidating. So while I try and piece together those drawings just right my schedule becomes so insanely full and jam packed that I almost forgot about this group (and my dA account)

Fear not, that is why we have such amazing co-founders and contributors who are more than happy to be here!

And on the rise are contests my amazing members! Get very excited! :D
Oh! Before I forget!
I have recently read the sequal to a book I almost all but forgot about and then got very depressed at it's lack of a fandom! It's a very good book, though not for everyone and you have to love how realistic it is to real life to really get into it. But I thought I'd give it some shameless advertising as this is a FICTION GROUP

Anyway, the book is called Falling Kingdoms by Morgan Rhodes. It's a fantasy/fiction book set in a mythical medieval wold called Mytica and focuses on four central characters. Magnus and Lucia Damora, the prince and princess of a cold ice ridden kingdom. Jonas Agallon, the poor rebellious son of a wine maker in the impoverished land of Paelsia. And Cleo Bellos, the princess of a prosperous kingdom known as Auronous (I think I spelled that wrong).

It's sequal is Rebel Spring and in October (I believe) the third book will come out called Gathering Darkness. It's very well written, it had flaws, but its raw and very emotional and don't get overly attached to characters (except for Magnus) because Rhodes has no problem what-so-ever killing off characters.

Well, I believe that's all for now, until next time y'all!
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